Wills in Georgia

What is a Will?

A Will is a document in which an individual states his or her intentions regarding which individuals and/or organizations will receive his or her property upon his or her death and also designates an individual or organization to carry out those wishes (known as the “Executor”).

Why Create a Will?

Why Create a Will?

Although most people agree that a creating a Will is an important step in an overall personal estate plan, many people die without having executed a Will. A basic Will can help avoid family arguments after your death and can make the settling of your estate easier and less expensive.

Dying without a Will is known as dying intestate. This means that the laws of state where you reside when you die will dictate how your property is distributed upon your death. In Georgia, subject to a few limitations, our surviving spouse and children would share the estate.

Will drafting should be a painless process and Alex M. Brown can help. For more information call the Law Office of Alex M. Brown at 706-447-6994 to determine the best course of action for your situation!