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What is adoption?

An adoption is a legal method used to give a person or couple all the parental rights and responsibilities to another person; normally an adoption involves a child. When the adoption is complete, the birth parents will have no rights to that child. They will not have the right to visit that child, nor will they be obligated or have any responsibilities in the raising of that child.

Who can adopt a child in Georgia?

Who can adopt a child in Georgia?

Anyone over the age of 25 and at least ten years older than the child can adopt in the state of Georgia. The person who is adopting the child must be a legal resident of Georgia. If an adult is being adopted, while extremely rare, the adult being adopted can be a resident of Georgia, but the adopting parent does not have to reside in Georgia.

Who can be adopted?

If a child’s parents have died, that child may be eligible for adoption. Any children who have been abandoned or given up by their parents voluntarily can be adopted. In some cases, the courts may terminate the parent’s rights to a child, who would then be eligible for adoption.

Is a child from a different state adoptable in Georgia?

Yes, but there are very specific rules regarding out-of-state adoptions. The adoption normally has to meet all the laws of both states before the child can move. The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children is the governing power behind interstate adoptions.

Is it possible to adopt a stepchild?

Yes, but normally the biological parents of that child must agree to the adoption. If a stepfather adopts a child, the child’s biological father loses all his rights. The same would be true if a stepmother adopted a child. The child’s last name is generally changed as a part of the adoption.

Is it possible to adopt a relative?

Yes, but that child’s biological parents will lose all their rights. Grandparents, aunts and uncles sometimes adopt children when the biological parents are unable or unwilling to properly take care of their children.

Is it possible to adopt a child from another country?

Yes. The easiest way to adopt a child is according to the laws of the other country and then bringing the child back to Georgia to re-adopt them according to Georgia law. Filing the paperwork like this will allow the state of Georgia to issue a certificate of Proof of Foreign Birth that will show that you’re the parents of this child. It’s possible to adopt a child in Georgia without going through the formal adoption process of the other country, but it’s very complicated, and you should be careful not to violate the laws of the other country. Most countries have very stringent laws in place regarding taking a child out of the country, and you could be jailed if you don’t follow the laws of that country.

Is a court hearing necessary to adopt a child?

Yes. The only way to legally adopt a child is to file a petition for adoption in the county you live in. Your attorney, you and the child will have to appear in court for the adoption hearing. The birth parents do not have to appear in court, but the judge will require that you prove the birth parents’ rights are terminated or voluntarily gave up the child.

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